CBD Oil: Hemp vs Cannabis

It is not uncommon for one to walk into a health food store and find a bottle marked CBD Oil. This bottle will be marketed as a magical elixir, a potion to cure all. However, the bottle of CBD Oil available at your local market is CBD Oil derived from hemp. Understanding the distinction between CBD Oil derived from hemp and CBD Oil derived from cannabis is crucial for your health.

CBD Oil derived from hemp has applications on a small scale. It can be used as an occasional anti-inflammatory, in lieu of an ibuprofen. If you are looking to treat chronic pain or illness, CBD Oil that utilizes THC is necessary.

Industrial hemp comes from Cannabis sativa, a genus of flowering plant from the family Cannabaceae. Hemp comes from a subspecies of Cannabis sativa with only trace levels of THC. This is only one of the many differences between hemp and cannabis. Hemp is the masculine form of the plant, with compounds occurring differently than they do with the feminine cannabis plant. While hemp may belong to the same family as cannabis, this does not make them any more interchangeable than almonds and plums (both of whom belong to the genus Prunes). As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it is only natural for the hemp industry to ride the waves of success.

Another key difference between CBD Oil made from hemp and CBD Oil made from cannabis is how the oil is made. Hemp is a bio-accumulator, it naturally collects toxins from the soil. These toxins should not be introduced to anyone who has a compromised immune system. Furthermore, extracting the oils from the hemp seeds often involves the use of harsh chemicals. In 2014, Project CBD tested several hemp oil products and found significant levels of toxins in many samples.

Quality CBD Oils are made from full flower cannabis. A full flower extract allows for the oil to draw from the entire plant’s natural phytonutrients. CBD in conjunction with THC and other cannabinoids creates the entourage effect. The entourage effect is crucial to bring your body back to its natural homeostasis. This is why you must find a CBD Oil that contains THC.

When purchasing CBD Oil, do not be afraid to ask questions. Make sure that the oil is derived from cannabis, rather than hemp. Ask if the oil is extracted from full flower, or if the company uses shake and trim to cut costs. Understand where your CBD Oil comes from.

CBD Oil derived from hemp has reached popularity because it is easy to find. Companies can market the hemp oil, because it is available nationwide in retail stores. CBD Oil derived from full flower cannabis is not a magical elixir. It is something better – medicine. This scientifically backed medicine is harder to find because the pharmaceutical companies want cannabis to remain illegal. When CBD Oil derived from full flower cannabis is legal in all 50 states, the hemp oil industry will cease to exist.

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