Q&A Video from King Harvest: Depression and Anxiety

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Q: How does cannabis oil help with depression and anxiety? 
A: Depression and anxiety are symptoms, in and of themselves they are opposites. Depression is running slow, anxiety is running a little bit fast. There are different types of cannabis strains that can cause symptoms of anxiety to be relieved and at the same time they can cause the body to either speed up a little bit or slow down a little bit. So, if somebody is suffering from depression, you want to give them some symptom relieving THC, but at the same time, you want to give them a little bit of energy so they’re not down in the dumps or in bed, and so on and so forth. Sativa THC from our Uplift bottle, a small dose of that, will fight depression and give a patient a good amount of energy that will get them up and moving around. We like to say that it will take somebody who knows that they should go for a walk and it will get them to want to. The opposite is where we see Unwind, which is another type of King Harvest THC. Indica THC will slow you down, Sativa THC will speed you up. So if you are anxious, you can understand that your system is running a little fast. You have shallowness of breath, maybe a little sweaty. You’re anxious, you’re socially nervous, kind of ill at ease, having trouble sleeping. Those are all symptoms of a person or body’s physiology running too quickly. In that case, we want to use a THC from the Indica family that will slow you down.Indica Unwind from KingHarvest.org will slow you down and will help fight the symptoms of anxiety. Sativa Uplift from KingHarvest.org will help you fight the symptoms of depression.

Q: How would you treat obsessive thoughts and worrying with cannabis oil? 
A: The use of cannabis oil orally as a protocol will help relieve obsessiveness and worrying because cannabis oils are responsible not only for pain relieving compounds in our body, also the ability to replicate healthy cells, but they’re responsible for our ability to forget and ability to remain plastic or flexible. As we get older, we lose the ability to stay plastic. We become more rigid, we become less interested or able to deal with change or trauma and that kind of thing and the more trauma, the more change we deal with, the more difficult it all becomes. Cannabinoids in our system are naturally, if you think of them as the essential oils in your system that are giving you the ability to balance, as you age and and you suffer, you lose that ability to rebalance and you lose the ability to forget, so on and so forth. Simply reproducing your body’s own natural essential oils by stimulating the endocannabinoid system through CBD will give you back the ability to forget and to leave the obsessive thoughts and worrying behind.

Q: How would cannabis oil work for low energy or lethargy? 
A: Again, when we’re dealing with emotional symptoms like this, psychological symptoms, we’re talking about a body’s running either too quickly or too slowly. So if somebody is suffering from depression lethargy, even if it’s from pain or an organic source, they’re still low so we want to speed them up a little bit and we want get them out of pain. So King Harvest’s (kingharvest.org) Uplift, a small dose of this, something like 10-20 drops would be 5 to 10 milligrams, would get somebody up and around, out of pain, and motivated. It will get them to want to return to their life and get rid of the lethargy.

Q: Can cannabis oil help with overeating as a result of anxiety or depression?
A: So, overeating, if we’re depressed, people tend to overeat. If we’re anxious, people tend to no longer eat at all and get a whole other host of problems. I tend to fall into that category myself. So if I get really stressed out, I just shut down and I just can’t eat anymore. I need something to stimulate my appetite. Indica will stimulate your appetite. Sativa will suppress your appetite. So if you are a patient who is looking for weight loss, looking for symptom relief, emotional relief, looking to feel better and to stem the tide of the symptoms, such as overeating, the different types of THCs will be what is appropriate for you. So if you’re overeating, Uplift is going to be what you want. It’s going to get you up and around, it’s going to knock down your appetite. It will make you feel good and it will make you get out there and want to rejoin your life again. If you’re not eating at all, you want Indica Unwind. It’ll crank up your appetite and for somebody who has cancer or some kind of degenerative disorder, appetite and proper nutrition is absolutely vital.

Q: I’ve been taking hemp oil to treat my symptoms for anxiety and depression. How would taking CBD from cannabis differ?
A: Hemp oil is basically ibuprofen, hemp oil has CBD in it, it will be a stimulate. I wouldn’t suggest it for somebody who has anxiety, I wouldn’t suggest it for somebody who has depression either, because hemp oil from hemp seed extract is actually in and of itself plant estrogen and I wouldn’t want to give that to a compromised immune system or a healthy one for that matter. Cannabis oil medicines are very different because they are from the female genitals or flowers, which contain the entire terpene profile and all the essential oils that you need. You don’t just need the male essential oils, which has the CBD and a few other compounds in it. You need all of the female parts from the flower to re-stimulate you and actually make you better. Hemp oil will make you anxious, it may knock down some inflammation in some people who are pretty mixed up it will create some well being, for a time, but that is – any relief from hemp oil, you’re going to get huge relief from cannabis oil. Anybody that calls ua and lets us know that they’ve tried a substandard product to King Harvest medicine, we try to put them on King Harvest medicines and their relief is exponentially greater. It’s not even calculable.

Q: Can cannabis help me get off my antidepressant medication?
A: Absolutely. Antidepressants, psychiatry, pharmacology, it’s all trying to stimulate specific parts of the brain, glandular systems. Cannabis oils will reboot the entire essential oil system in the brain. Think of it as an organic computer reboot. It’s not as targeted, it’s not as specific, but at the same time, it’s much more effective than pharmacology and it’s safer. Pharmacology will treat your symptoms, it will cause a whole host of more symptoms. For instance, Lexepro, when you’re done vomiting, you’ll never want to get out of bed, but at least you’re not anxious. We can do better than that. You don’t have to be struggling or suffering. We can rebalance your body very naturally, very comfortably. We can make you feel better, instead of making you feel chemical or plastic. And we certainly don’t want you to be dependant on our medicines or anybody else’s medicines for that matter. The idea is to reboot that computer and fix you.

Q: How do we get these medicines? 
All you need to do is give us a call at Kingharvest.org. Visit us at www.kingharvest.org or call us directly at 877-469-4584. Again, my name is Lee, this is Bridget. We’re happy to help. Give us a call anytime and we’ll explain any of the products and go through your case with you without obligation or cost. Thank you for your time. Happy Healing. 

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