Quick Guide to Medical Benefits of Cannabis Oil

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Myths about Cannabis Oil you thought were true
February 25, 2020
The Benefits of Medical Cannabis on Mental Health
March 4, 2020
Medical Benefits of Cannabis Oil

The usage of cannabis and its sub-products is not new and dates back to centuries. In fact, medical usage of marijuana for pain relief dates back to 2900 B.C. There are many evidences that Cannabis possesses its own cultural, medicinal and recreational value in our society. Its legalization for the greater good of humanity has opened up the gates of opportunities for better research, product development and widespread usage by the people.

This post is a quick guide about the medical benefits of Cannabis oil, and how it can benefit the human body going through agony!

Let us get started.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis Sativa, or the plant that is commonly called ‘Pot,’ ‘Grass,’ or ‘Ganja,’ produces two crucial compounds- THC & CBD. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is the compound that is responsible for the ‘High’ that cannabis users get. THC is responsible for the euphoric pleasure associated with Cannabis usage.

However, CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the compound associated with more medical benefits. CBD produces positive effects on the human body without inducing any euphoric or mind-altering feeling.

CBD is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant and is mixed with base carrier oils like coconut, hemp seed oil, palm oil, etc. for medicinal usage.

Here are Some Scientifically Proven Medical Benefits of Using Cannabis Oil

Relief from Acute Pain

Cannabis related products are popular amongst patients suffering from acute pain, inflammation, or any long-term persistent bodily pain due to any reason. Cannabis Oil, which can be ingested orally, applied externally, or smoked, is known to reduce the sensitivity of pain-sensing neural pathways (Endocannabinoid receptor activity). This gives the patient relief for a long time. No wonder why this gift of nature is often used by cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy!

Improved Respiratory Health

One must notice that Cannabis Oil can improve a person’s cardiovascular health. However, it must not be smoked, and must be ingested in other forms for real results. Cannabis Oil is known to wash-off bad cholesterol from the veins and detoxify the regional organs around the heart.

Controlling Anxiety & Depression

The modern lifestyle is both pleasant and unforgiving. Stress, anxiety and depression are rising amongst the population and health experts are worries about the over-usage of synthetic drugs. Anxiety and depression can take a severe toll on a person’s quality of life and overall health. On top of that, anxiety medications like benzodiazepines can lead to substance abuse. Cannabis oil is presenting mental health practitioners with an excellent alternative. A Brazilian study showed that CBD (300-mg dosage) was highly effective in reducing the anxiety of test candidates in a simulated public speaking test. The results for Cannabis oil for mental health are for sure promising.

Other Potential Benefits

Cannabis Oil is a promising substance with many other life-altering benefits for millions on people on the planet. Some of these benefits include;

  • Antipsychotic EffectsResearch shows that CBD can drastically reduce psychotic symptoms in patients suffering from schizophrenia, mood swings, delusions, etc.
  • Reduction & Control of Tumors- Studies conducted in labs on animals have shown that CBD can reduce and control the spread of lung, brain, breast, prostate and colon cancer.

Want to live a life free of agony and protect your mental & physical health? Go natural with the CBD and Cannabis derivatives. Join the revolution today!