How Cannabis Can Improve Sex and Intimacy

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December 5, 2019
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February 25, 2020

Since the beginning of time, cannabis and sexual intimacy have been combined with favorable results. As the various benefits of medical cannabis have become known in medical and scientific circles, more studies are finding that by using cannabis together, couples can increase the probability of intimacy and achieve higher levels of satisfaction. Due to the increased research into cannabis, we now have an understanding that this is due to our own body’s endocannabinoid system. When our endocannabinoid systems are stimulated by cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, our bodies respond with enhanced senses, a decrease in inflammation, and a lowered sense of inhibition which can lead to a more pleasurable sexual experience. In order to ensure the best sexual experiences possible, let’s take a look at what the research says about how cannabis can improve sex and intimacy!


A deeper connection

When taken responsibly and with the correct strain, dosage, and method of ingestion, cannabis can help people to open up more, mentally as well as physically. Studies have shown that the activation of the endocannabinoid system actually stimulates the production of the oxytocin, a hormone generally known as the “bonding hormone”.  As a result, people experience that their inhibitions have been lowered but their cognizant functioning is higher, leading to a feeling of connection with their partner. This positive connection is of utmost importance for a satisfying sexual experience. 

Cannabis provides pain relief during sex

A recent study showed that three out of four women have experienced painful sexual intercourse. Fortunately, cannabis is wonderful at relieving pain. When utilized correctly, and especially when used in the form of a topical oil applied to sensitive areas, medical cannabis reduces pain by decreasing the levels of inflammation while simultaneously increasing the sensations of pleasure due to the increase of blood flow. Some forms of cannabis oil extracts (FECO) can be used anally as well vaginally to help make penetrative sex as comfortable as possible. Topical cannabis oils are also fabulous for intimate moments because they are non-psychoactive, meaning that the person can receive the positive qualities while not feeling any psychoactive “high”. For those seeking that connective, psychoactive experience in addition to pain relief, there are many suitable products available such as vaporizers, edibles, and tinctures

THC relieves sexual anxiety

One of the most common conditions that medical cannabis is prescribed for is stress. CBD, when combined with a low dosage of THC, has shown to be wonderfully effective at relieving stress and anxiety. On the flip side, high amounts of THC can be stimulating for some people and can lead to exacerbated feelings of anxiety. It should be noted that what one person will consider a large amount of THC will vary, depending on their individual metabolism, level of tolerance, and any underlying medical conditions. For those who struggle with anxiety and often feel trapped in their own thoughts during moments of intimacy, CBD can work wonders! When a person no longer feels laden with the worries of their mind, they can relax and enjoy sex to the fullest.

Your senses are heightened

Most people who use cannabis will agree that it absolutely heightens the senses; sound, touch, taste, smell, and vision all become more intense and pleasurable when under the influence. Music becomes more meaningful and food becomes more delicious. The sense of touch, in particular, is enhanced by cannabis due to the cannabinoids lowering levels of pain and inflammation. This is particularly exciting because sex can involve using all of our senses at once. With this almost magical ability to amplify the senses and remove barriers to relaxation, cannabis not only helps people to achieve orgasm but actually makes them even better! 


Cannabis boosts sexual creativity

Sometimes partners can begin to feel as though their sex life may have become a bit stale or routine. Or perhaps due to stress or an underlying medical condition it can be difficult to summon the energy needed for sexual activity. In these situations, patients find that medical cannabis high in THC can be stimulating and energizing. When taken at an appropriate dose, THC can help people to feel focused, active, stimulated, and creative. It is for these reasons and more that medical cannabis researchers are studying cannabis as a potential treatment for patients with ADD/ADHD. Additionally, cannabis can help people to think “outside the box” and look at situations with a different, fresh perspective. This type of creative outlook can lead to couples finding new solutions to any previous intimacy barriers and can even lead to new discoveries such as the introduction of sex toys, kink exploration, or fun new sexual positions.


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