Confessions of a Dosing Specialist: Osteosarcoma

Disclaimer: names and specific details have been altered to protect the individuals’ privacy

Hello, Internet! It’s time for another edition of Confessions of a Dosing Specialist. Today, I want to talk about a very special dog named Susie and her battle with cancer.

Susie is a 6 year old Lab who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, found in one of her hind legs. Her family was devastated, especially since Susie was not very old. For many dogs who get this type of cancer, the prognosis is not very hopeful. For many dogs, Osteosarcoma can be a death sentence. It is not uncommon for dogs to require a leg amputation, in an attempt to keep the cancer from spreading. This was recommended for Susie. The veterinarian prescribed tramadol and Susie was referred to the oncologist for chemo. It would cost $10,000 for Susie to live another year. Susie’s family decided they did not wish to subject her to the agony of chemotherapy. Without chemotherapy, Susie was given 2-3 months to live. Devastated, Susie’s family began to make arrangements to put their beloved pet down. Fortunately, they were referred to King Harvest by their dog trainer. Their hope was renewed and Susie’s family decided to give cannabis oil a try.

Susie’s protocol consisted of a speck pack and 30 grams of 3:1 FECO. This was a THC dominant protocol, Susie was given the majority of her medicine via suppository. Some people may hear that and think it is strange to administer cannabis oil rectally, but this is an extremely effective way to take cannabis oil. There are cannabinoid receptors in the GI tract and taking the medicine via suppository bypasses the psychoactive effect of the THC. This is important because while we are trying to preserve the patient’s life, we also must consider the quality of their life. While dosing, although it is a well-known and documented fact that you cannot overdose from cannabis, we are limited as to how much we can administer orally to ensure the patient is comfortable. The suppository ensures that the patient gets a full therapeutic dosage from day 1. Cancer is scary and there is never any guarantee that one will survive. With any of the cancer patients I dose, especially the animals, I remind them that these are precious moments to be shared with their loved ones. It is also very important for me to get feedback about how they are doing so we can troubleshoot through any discomfort that may arise.

Susie, fortunately, was able to tolerate her oral medicine very well once we introduced her to FECO. The Sativa in the Uplift gave her a lot of energy. Susie’s owners were very happy to see her so alert after many lethargic weeks. The Indica in the Unwind allowed Susie’s appetite to improve almost overnight. After one month on the cannabis protocol, Susie’s mobility, which had been impaired by the cancer, had substantially improved. Susie was now able to go on return to daily walks and could even run a bit at the dog park. After two and a half months of treatment (approximately the amount of time the vet claimed Susie had left to live), I received a phone call that Susie was 100% cancer free. No one could believe it! Everyone thought that Susie wasn’t going to make it, but with the healing power of cannabis oil and the love and strength of her family, Susie was able to prevail. I was not shocked at all. Susie made so much progress in such a short amount of time that I knew she would beat her cancer.

It’s been about a year since Susie was given only a couple of months to live and she is still completely cancer free. Her mommy still sends me videos of Susie playing fetch at the lake or going for a walk. It’s miraculous that Susie acts as though nothing happened at all when just a short year ago, death was knocking at her door. It’s unbelievable to me how much we have to learn from animals!

It is not uncommon for someone’s first exposure to the healing power of cannabis to be through their pet. One of the greatest rewards of my job is experiencing first hand as people let go of their previous cannabis stigma and they come together to support their loved ones. As a pet owner myself, I know how precious the love of an animal can be. Don’t be afraid to fight for your pet’s life. All life is sacred and love is love. 

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