Bringing a Wholistic Vibe To King Harvest Wellness

Welcome to the introduction of something you won’t find on many sites that deal with cannabis oils. Although King Harvest’s mission is to bring the very best in cannabis medicine to those in need and provide educational support for those going through any type of health crisis, we are adding our very own nutrition products because we know how important bringing information and products is for those in need. When it comes to building, and in a lot of cases rebuilding health, it is of the utmost importance to make sure everybody gets the right building blocks to achieve optimal health. We at King Harvest bring a wholistic approach to working with people with any form of health crisis, as well as those simply looking for the finest cellular nutrition products available.

Before I get into what products we have to offer, let me take you on a little journey of what happened to the quality of our food supply. In our modern society, we are faced with an increasing onslaught of unhealthy food options. Fast food joints, frozen food to be microwaved, processed boxed junk, instant this and instant that. There are far too many choices available, and most are completely devoid of any measurable nutritional value. In fact, most of the “phudes” are nothing more than a chemical shit storm disguising themselves as real food. It wasn’t always this way. Many of our ancestors used to grow the mainstay of their fruits, vegetables, and livestock. We had control over when, where, and how we grew and maintained our food sources, and thus, our nutrition. Those days are gone for the most part and we now rely on the bastion of a free market food economy…the SUPERMARKET.

Even the food producers (farmers) have strayed from healthy farming practices, like crop rotation and diversity, and have mainly gone the mono-cropping route. What this does over time is deplete key components from the soil so crop after crop supplies a diminishing return for nutrition. Add to that the ridiculous amount of petrochemicals i.e. pesticides, fungicides, etc. we are left with food of questionable value that is also loaded with chemical residue.

But wait, there’s much more to the story of “how did my body turn against me”. Well, it didn’t exactly turn against you. What happens is the biological terrain (fancy term for the environment of your innards) sets the scenario for what the cells of your body behave. There are some key elements that determine what direction your cells will take. These elements are 1) level of oxygen reaching your tissues, 2) the overall pH of your bodily fluids, and 3) chronic dehydration:

  1. The level of oxygen reaching the tissues means the difference between being aerobic (with oxygen) or anaerobic (without oxygen). To put it into basic terms, cancer and other nasties are anaerobic in nature and do not thrive in the presence of oxygen.
  2. Cancer does well in an acid environment. The acid-alkaline range is from 1 (very acid) to 14 (very alkaline) with 7 being neutral. Do your best to drink liquids that are on the alkaline side (7 and above). You can find them in any grocery store these days. Other drinks like coffee and sodas are quite acidic, and if you are in a compromised state, consider reducing these.
  3. Chronic dehydration is one of the biggest problems for overall health and also one of the easiest things to fix. Nothing, and I mean nothing, happens correctly in your body, from the functioning of your organs, blood flow and waste removal, if you are are always low on fluids. How much should you drink in a day? That depends on your size and activity levels. The old rule was to drink 8 eight ounce glasses a day. That should be a base amount. Think closer to a gallon (128 oz) per day for an active adult male. I’m just talking water here, not any other beverage. Ya, you’re going to pee a lot when properly hydrated. Here’s an easy way to determine if you have had enough liquids. If your urine is bright yellow, hit the water cooler and keep drinking until it’s coming out the same color it went in…clear.

On the other side of “what not to do”, we have the “what you need to do” section. I will briefly cover some of the basics so you have a basic understanding of foods you should eat. If you didn’t already know that our food supply is full of toxic poisons and chemicals, you have not been paying attention, and in all honesty, it is a main reason for many health issues. Since so much of our food supply is garbage, I adhere to a diet that includes many different sources of nutrition. I am a big fan of grass fed beef, bison, lamb, wild caught fish, pastured eggs, organic produce, fine cheeses made from grass fed milk, and of coarse plenty of pure water. In another article I will outlay a very simple meal plan that is a whopping 3 paragraphs long. I’d put it here, but I have to tease you to come back…again…and again…and again…

And now for the big announcement. COMING SOON we will be offering cellular nutrition products to make sure your daily intake is well rounded and all your bases are covered. We can’t always have access to the best choices for every meal, so it is imperative to have other sources of concentrated nutrition. We will initially bring in 100% organic powder, liquid multi vitamins, and omega essential fatty acids. These three power foods create the foundation for our program to bring you and those you care for the best opportunity for optimal health. Until my next installment, ever forward.

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