January 25, 2019
cbd oil for hypothyroidism

Medical Cannabis for Thyroid Disease

The thyroid is a very important part of the body's endocrine system that is generally located in the lower front of the neck. Its function is important to the human body as it secretes thyroid hormones which are carried via the bloodstream to every single cell and muscle group.
January 23, 2019

Science Behind Cannabis

A large misconception regarding the therapeutic value of the cannabis plant continually marches on. Cannabis is often grouped together with tobacco, hard drugs, and even alcohol, with the latest trend being to designate cannabis as "less harmful" than these other substances.
January 18, 2019

Father of Cannabinoid Medicine

Dr. Raphael Mechoulam has been proclaimed the father of cannabinoid medicine. Having discovered THC, Mechoulam has paved the way for the medicinal study of cannabis.